Information on Ready Mixed Concrete

History of Concrete
Mankind has been using calcium (Ca) based binding agents as construction materials since 3000 B.C. Although the modern Portland Cement was produced in 1824, first reinforced concrete was made in 1857.
Ready mixed concrete production emerged in Germany at the beginning of twentieth century (1903) for the first time in the world and it started to appear in the USA within the following couple of years. Transit truck for carrying concrete was developed in the USA in 1914. Just after the transit truck, the Germans took the patent for “Concrete Grout Conveyance Pump” in 1927 for the purpose of pumping the concrete from the mixer to the area of use. Especially after the war years, many concrete companies still performing business today were established. In the following years, it did not last long to adopt and extend the ready mixed concrete used as the principal construction material of buildings; and ready mixed concrete was started to be produced and used in many countries in a short time.
Urbanization and infrastructure operations that gained speed especially with the second half of the 20th century caused the ready mixed concrete and concrete products be produced more and extend easily. Thus, many technological developments were performed in this field.
Important dates and applications are provided below:
  • 1848 First Cement Plant (England)
  • 1857 Discovery of Reinforced Concrete (France)
  • 1865 Use of high oven clinker with Portland cement in concrete (Germany)
  • 1903 Start of the Ready Mixed Concrete Sector (Germany)
  • 1936 Use of chemical additives (USA)
  • 1950 Use of micro silica experimentally for long term tests (Norway)
  • 1965 Use of super plasticizer in concrete (USA)
  • 1971 Use of micro silica in carrier system (Norway)
  • 1981 Use of ternary mixture (PC + micro silica + fly ash) cement for the first time (Iceland)
  • 1992 Construction of the highest reinforced concrete building of the world (USA)
  • 1993 Use of micro fibers in concrete (USA)