Human Resorces

Our Human Resources Policy

“Human Resources” has always been one of the most essential elements of our business life as BATI ANADOLU GROUP. Our primary targets are contributing in the satisfaction and development of our employees, creating environments that they can work in efficiently all the time, considering the fact that the quality of our products and services improve in line with the quality of our employees.

BATI ANADOLU GROUP set off with the philosophy of “recruiting the correct human resource in the correct work” and has a Development Policy emphasizing the importance of personal and professional skills and improvement of its personnel.

Within the framework of this policy, we provide our employees with;

  • Orientation Training,
  • On-the-job Training,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training,
  • Personal and Social Development Training within and outside the company.

Our primary target in recruiting and training periods is being a company preferred for its qualified workforce. For this purpose, all the applications to Group companies are evaluated precisely and best candidate is elected for the most suitable position in conclusion to the interviews.

BATI ANADOLU GROUP follows the technological and informational developments also in Human Resources Management acting with the principle of continuous development and it adapts and applies such improvements rapidly within the framework of company culture with its employees exceeding 800.

Orientation Training

It is a training program in which all our employees employed in BATI ANADOLU GROUP are provided with a brief introduction about our companies and they are ensured to meet the departments in the company.

On-the-job Training

It is a training program in which our employees newly employed or had a duty change in the company are provided with information on their new duty.

Personal Development Training

It is a training program held towards improving the personal competences of our employees.

Management Systems Training

It is the training program in which our employees are provided with information on the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Working Health and Safety Management System.