Sustainable Environment and Green Concrete

Sustainable environment: The process of improving, protecting and developing all the environmental values forming the environment of both today’s and tomorrow’s generations in every field (social, economical, physical, etc.) without jeopardizing the existence and quality of resources to be needed by next generations.

Green concrete:Green concrete, being a new concept in environmental literature, is the name given to concrete which is environment friendly and in which industrial origin wastes (fly as, micro silica) are used as raw materials and it is ensured to consume less cement with the use of such materials. Thus, it is ensured to decrease the emission and energy use in the production of cement in concrete as the main product. Our company provides 29.000 tons of carbon emission decrease equivalent to planting 88.000 plants in a year with the use of fly ash in the concrete produced in 2010.

Our company, based on these two definitions, ensures less energy use and less emission generation through green concrete production and shows environmental sensitivity in the design phase of concrete and strives to leave a more livable environment to the next generations under sustainable environment by minimizing the environmental risks with its environmental studies.