Batıbeton and Environment

Environmental policies available in our company have been extended within the framework of ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 Integrated Environment-Health-Safety Management System studies initiated in 2007; risk analysis was performed in our entire ready mixed concrete facility; the risks were sorted based on their risk size; and the studies on reducing and eliminating the risks were continued. All the legal regulations were examined; compliance evaluations were performed and reported; instructions and procedures were formed with risk analyses; the certification audit was complete successfully in 2008 together with field investments; and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate was obtained under the scope of integrated system.

Our company,
  • is the first and only company of ready mixed concrete production to obtain ISO14001 certificate, having its headquarters in the Aegean Region.
  • Waste management system is applied in all our ready mixed concrete facilities and all our waste is recycled / eliminated through licensed companies.
  • Concrete recycling installation is available in all our ready mixed concrete facilities and no remaining concrete waste is removed to the environment at all. Solid concrete wastes and mud are reevaluated; our washing water is used again in concrete and thus environmental pollution is prevented and water saving is ensured.
  • There is no stock field in our ready mixed concrete facilities; and raw material transfer is performed through closed bunker and there are jet filter systems in all points to cause emission. All our ready mixed concrete facilities have group B emission permits.